“I’ve spent 10’s of hours, spread over months talking to “experts” consultants at high profile consulting firms.  The DataZ assessment took me 12 minutes. Upon reviewing the results, it was clear DataZ had a superior understanding of our data challenges and best path forward.  This is true expertise. Well done Donato & team.”

Director of Marketing Operations




“Data Assessment without looking at the data?  I was skeptical. After taking the test, it totally made sense.  No review of data can tell the story of what is actually happening at a company.  For that it takes people. Kudos for leveraging a human element to assessing a technology problem.  Brilliant data nerds that understand humans too ”

 Vice President of Sales

Management Consulting



“Ok, it actually took me 20 minutes to take the test (sorry Donato).  The results were impressive. I was excited by the spotlight on root causes they were underneath our “Data Symptoms” (hope I got that right).

   Managing Director




“This unconventional process provided some much needed clarity. “





“Before we took the Data test,  we did not understand that our activities we were only hiding symptoms.  The sentiment analysis was the most telling and troubling. Cool stuff.”

Director of National Accounts




“I did not like the data assessment.  Before we took it, it was like a word on the tip of your tongue that bothers you. I knew we had problems, but could not quite talk about them. Now we know the cause of the problems and have a bunch of work to do.  Take at your own risk, but take it.”

Vice President of Marketing

Software Development


“No endless phone calls and meetings.  After our free assessment review, we did not actually hire DataZ.  We have great capabilities in-house and for the first time we have great clarity.  We will use them for a project in the future. DataZ for the win. “

VP Consulting Services

Financial Services

“A test about data that works like a psychological assessment? Innovative approach.  Having known Donato for 15+ years I know his wife, a psychologist, had an affect here.  Is this Donato’s revenge for being a test subject for years? Donato has always been a master integrator of disparate disciplines. This is a must take test for companies wanting to get a handle on their data strategy.”


Non profit

Strategic Data Assessment.  This questionnaire takes 10-12 minutes and replaces the conversations with could take 3-4 hours.

Strategic Data Assessment


Dataset Questionnaire.  You have a list and you need a strategy to make it better.  Fill out the dataset questionnaire and let us know what you are dreaming about.

Dataset Questionnaire