PageScore Chrome Extension

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PageScore helps researchers that need to scan and classify web pages.  To first use PageScore, you must configure it.  Configure it by first pressing on the PageScore icon in the Chrome toolbar.

Next, add your target keywords.  Each keyword can have a weight, foreground color, and background color.

When a web pages loads, the target keywords will be highlighted based on the color codes selected.   In the picture below, target keywords such as “aluminum casting“,  “cast aluminum” and “non-ferrous casting” are highlighted.

The total score for the page is also displayed in the top-right of the web page.  The total is calculated by adding the number of times each term is found multiplied by the keyword weight.

Lastly, the score and keywords can be automatically saved back to your connected google sheet.

For help with PageScore, email pagescore at dataz dot co (not .com)