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The applications in the Leader’s pack were created to help launch and grow my own business.  To launch a new business, I needed to (1) get facts and measure a market size, (2) find target prospects,  (3) increase social reach, and (4) improve daily efficiency.  My offer is simple: Subscribe to The Leader’s pack and get all current and any future applications added at your initial subscription rate.

Donato Diorio
Founder & CEO

Founders Pack  1.0


  • Query Builder (QB) – Map your target market quickly and efficiently. Get real contact counts by state and industry.
  • List Capture (LC) – Build off the results in Query Builder. Capture profiles for each target location and industry segment.
  • List Visit (LV) – Increase the invites for your and your team. Visit target profiles to induce them to connect.
  • L.I.T.T.E.R – Automate the boring drudgery-filled tasks in LinkedIn. Remove unqualified invites, export lists of contacts from messages. Keep your social platform clean.

In development

(included in founders pack upon release)

  • Target Tabs
  • BetterBox
  • Data Spotlight