“Donato is an outstanding professional who was terrific to do business with and has the highest level of integrity, knowledge and expertise in the list enhancement field Within a week or so, we had detailed social, digital and traditional addressable data on each account and customer contact that was highly accurate and actionable. This data was realtime and not some outdated compiled list or telemarketing contact discovery list that was expensive and time consuming to create.”

Ed Linde II, Marketing Offering Manager

“I have known Donato for over 10 years now and he has got to be in the top .01% of heavy thinkers and DOERS in the industry. His insight and especially his ability to act upon these amazing ideas is almost unparalleled. His company and products come right from his brilliant mind and his skills with people is an equal match. No wonder they are leading the industry (with Donato at the wheel) and not by a little!”

Mike O’Neil
Integrated Alliances

“I have worked closely with Donato on formulating the vision and path we would take to accomplish our goals. Donato is reliable and creative in his thinking and is always looking to innovate the next ‘big’ thing. I recommend Donato as a professional who has vast experience and knowledge in the Data sciences…His work is excellent and is a pleasure to work with every day.”

Russ Artzt, Executive Chairman, RingLead
Co-Founder of Computer Associates

““Intelligent, Compassionate Business Sense, Innovative and Creative about his business and yours. He is someone, you want to reach out to,.to brainstorm ideas and Would want to work with.”

Barry Geiman
Recruiting Consultant

 Not only does Donato Diorio have a comprehensive understanding of Internet technologies and applications but he is visionary in the way he harnesses information to help organizations reach their goals.”

Steve Stroz
Gold Coast Advisors

 I’d don’t have a testimonial from NASA  (yet).  NASA, DARPA, SPACEX if you need data strategy, I’m interested.  Until then, I’m pleased I got to speak at the same conference as Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise.  Stories of Apollo 13 and his thousands of hours as a Naval aviator, made sitting at the speakers table a humbling experience.