Our philosophy is quality over quantity.  First, get a solid understanding of the challenges that our clients face.  What gets us excited; interesting problems that contain both a business and data component. No charge for initial consultation. The data|z pyramid was designed as a quick reference.



  • If your reporting is off, look a level deeper, look at your data.
  • If you can’t trust your analytics, tighten up your reports
  • If the rules you are defining don’t pan out,  understand trends and solidify metrics.
  • If your data is bad, review your data tools and technologies.
DataZ Pyramid

The pyramid is not immutable, it is a basic structure that can be modified to fit each unique business. data|z begins most of our engagements reviewing the Strategic band. Philosophy band:  Financial strategy, Business strategy, Product strategy Strategic band:  Data strategy, Business process, Data technologies Data band: Data, Reporting, Analytics Marketing band:  Trends & metrics, Rules & prediction, Segmentation & strategy Sales band:  Outreach & automation